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Hi everybody! I'm David, the Product Manager for the the Lyst iOS application. We've just completed a complete re-write + re-design of our application, launching it in the App Store a few days back. We've written the application entirely using Swift (which was really fun) with a six person team in about 4.5 months. When kicking off this project, we wanted an application where we could AB test quickly, ship fast, and ultimately innovate as quickly as possible. At the same time, we wanted to build a user experience that was purpose-designed around how people like to shop. Have 5 minutes to kill? Check out the Discover Tab. Know what you want? Try the Shop Tab. Finally payday? Your past discoveries are on the You Tab. We also send back-in-stock and sale alerts for items you save for later! Anyways, that's all for now. I'd love to hear everyone's feedback on the app.
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@thegiuce UX & UI is really great. This back button at the bottom is quite weird, but surprisingly you can get used to it (do you AB test it?). Using "+add to bag" icon at the bottom to scroll page up is not working for me. You click this and nothing is happening when page is not scrolled. I thought it was broken. I would use different design pattern to ensure that there is always add to cart CTA available (e.g. extra card with product name and CTAs showing after scrolling page down). BTW Any plans to launch on Android?
@lucakorol Lucas, thanks for trying out the app, and thanks for your feedback! We tried the back button at the bottom after seeing inspiration in both Medium and Flipboard. We didn't AB test (as it's a brand new app), but the feature did test well in usability testing. It also helps for reachability needs. The add to bag shortcut auto-scrolls to the part of the page where one can pick a size and store. After completing usability testing, I'm pretty sure we'll do a size selection overlay to make it easier to use. I'd love to see a Lyst app on Android in the future, but cannot speak about any plans. Thanks again!
@thegiuce Hey David, any chance you can direct me to a contact form for Boutiques to register to stock with Lyst?
I think I have a serious addiction to online shopping and Lyst isn't helping. The new app is just as good as the website, really smooth and very nicely designed. I've been using it for a week and it's now on my home screen (next to my bank app, just in case)
@syswarren Great to hear! Sounds like a dangerous combination though...
@thegiuce I like to live dangerously
I was one of the backend engineers on this application and helped to lead the API side of it. We rewrote the entire application from the ground up in swift, using a component-based HTTP API to make sure requests between the app and the service were efficient. We also spent a huge amount of time reworking the design to suit our typical shopper. It was a really fun project to work on and I'd be happy to answer any technical questions!