Copy the voice of anyone, using a voice imitation algorithm

Lyrebird is developing a new generation of speech synthesis technologies that lets anyone copy anyone's voice using a voice imitation algorithm.

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2 Reviews2.5/5

My first hour experience with the app, even in the state of beta was pretty satisfying and fun. It takes a bit of time to get started but it's worth it.


Easy to follow instructions, sounds better than most virtual voices.


You cannot record other people's voices, yet (?)

I tried to sign up with my hotmail email and I couldn't, then tried with my Gmail and accepted it but the confirmation mail never came. Finally, I logged in with google, and after recording my voice 30 times, all I got was a static noise that resembles nothing close to human at all


The demo makes it looks pretty interesting and the interface

is simple enough for anyone to try it


Not working well