LynQ - The People Compass

Real time location tracking even when phones fail

LynQ helps you find your friends/family/pets instantly - NO phones, cell service, networks, subscriptions or even maps required!

Long-range location tracking that’s dead simple. Find people in crowds, remote areas, at festivals, or skiing, anywhere under open sky.

* No Monthly Fees, Phones or ANY Connectivity

* Works Globally

* Private & Secure

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9 Reviews5.0/5
I have personally used lynQ at Burning Man, in the jungles of Thailand, and ATVing in Missouri - the device has survived being run over, dropped in a creek, and being used in sub freezing conditions in Svalbard in the arctic circle. I can personally vouch for the device’s reliability and ability to operate in challenging conditions. Disclaimer: I helped lynQ roll out the Autism market and with component design in 2017/2018
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Thanks for hunting us @rueter... LynQ is a People Compass that allows you to find your friends and family instantly - NO phones, networks, monthly fees or even maps required. It's perfect for finding your friends at music festivals, taking your kids to the park, traveling or skiing with the rest of your family. As much as LynQ is for having fun - it's also for saving lives. We're working with partners like the Thomson Foundation for Autism to help caregivers keep track of kids with autism/special needs and last summer we participated in a field experiment with US Pacific Command around the location of wounded or unconscious soldiers. US Pacific Command published a formal report on LynQ citing a 61% reduction in time spent locating wounded or unconscious soldiers. Welcome aboard, Product Hunters! We've raised $1.4M+ on Indiegogo and have a special secret discount perk for you that expires in 3 days, GET 47% OFF!
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After my direct involvement with several LynQ​ demonstrations, product tests, and overall personal global user experiences / discussions from Coachella​ to Iceland​ to Burning Man​ to Secret Solstice​ to New York to Machu Picchu to Sleipnir Glaciering and back to my hometown of Laguna Beach, California​ ... this product rocks!!
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@bfoxxx your feedback has been invaluable throughout our development! Thank you for all that you do
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I was won over after 5 minutes of dabbling with a prototype earlier this year. Lynq is a game changer. I can’t wait to have mine.
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@leonard_d_ardagnon we're proud to call you part of the LynQ family <3

I often loose my friends. Therefor LynQ is handy. Looking forward to taking it with me off-piste skiing too.


Works without phone signal, super awesome


Ended up ordering too many, spent all my money :'D

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