Lynk Messenger

A location-based messaging app that knows who you're with

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Doesn't everything about connectivity begin with the need for critical mass? How does anything new happen if this is a prerequisite?
@stevesi exactly. Achieving critical mass is not a tactic or even a strategy for a network effects product. It's essentially your goal. Metcalfe's Law is a bitch, but from small seeds do great things grow.
The one issue with these kind of location-based apps is that they need to reach a critical mass before being relevant. I really like the idea and execution... but it would need widespread adoption in order to be truly useful.
@sleinadsanoj exactly. I've thought about these kind of hyper local apps before but I never took them beyond the idea stage simply because it would be extremely difficult to reach the mass required for the app to actually be useful/functional. That said, if mass could be achieved they would be fantastic. Personally, I believe these kind of hyper local features are best suited to being bolted on to existing apps that already have huge user-bases.
@adamcudworth I agree with everything you said. Hey twitter... get on it.
Liking the execution here -- very new and lots of areas to grow. Seems like there is more that will be here than meets the eye.
There is unlimited potential for this app.
Hi everyone, Lynk co-founder here. Really appreciate the support and feedback! Our focus is on improving connectivity between people and removing all the friction that exists in that process right now. In essence, Lynk does this by giving you a permanent digital link to everybody you meet (a "nearby history"), and a flexible and private means of messaging or sharing content with them. While density is definitely important to unlock the really cool stuff, we're working hard on building features that offer great standalone value too. One example: the campus coffee shop can see your phone's Lynk beacon as you walk by and message you a drink coupon. So can the school bookstore, or any other venue.