Lyft Profiles

Share fun facts and discover mutual friends

Really smart. I recently spoke with someone at Lyft and she made me realize the unique opportunity they have in connecting people offline serendipitously. I rarely meet new people outside of friends of friends when going out or explicit activities (e.g. going to events, online dating). It makes sense for Lyft to help break the ice when riding with other people. I wonder if they'll provide a double opt-in to message each other after the ride.
@rrhoover Yeahhh! We're thrilled to get this feature out (soon!). It's totally optional, but for those who choose to fill out profiles, it'll be a fun way to become just a bit more connected to their city and community. Plus you might make a friend or two this way! Personally, I recognize that the opening small talk in Lyft rides can be clunky sometimes. "So, how's your day? How long have you been driving with Lyft? etc." Now we can just skip all that and dig right into fun chats about our favorite bands, and other more interesting topics (if we are the chatty type).
Great stuff. Makes Lyft even more Lyft.
Really creative idea! Sometimes getting asked the same questions repeatedly gets tiring, though I know the drivers are just trying to be friendly. I definitely want to try this feature and see how this changes things. I mean I usually rather chat about creative interests rather than share how long I've lived in SF and where I work every time I get in a car. ;) And speaking of profiles, Zach Cole, I've seen your name on FB via Nora and Jenn whom I worked with at ModCloth. :)
@ashleylaurel Oh hey! Glad that you're as excited for profiles as we are :)
Logan at Lyft is thinking of creative ways to tackle the problem of people feeling uncomfortable getting into a car with a stranger. This gives a sense of security and additionally a sense of community.
This is going to be great. I can't tell you how many times I've had super interesting conversations and there was friction between the driver and I as far as connecting after the ride. Whether it was time, or "awkwardness," this will be a great way to connect with new people.