Lyft Line

Shared rides along shared routes, priced for daily use

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Brenden Mulligan — Founder, LaunchKit & Cluster
I wonder if Uber planned on announcing yesterday, or found out about Lyft Line and wanted to steal the thunder. They've both clearly been working on this product for a long time.

Since Uber's service isn't available yet, my guess is that they did a preemptive launch, which fits with Uber's consistently aggressive and impressively well-timed strategy.

Lyft can't catch a break. I look forward to the week both companies simultaneously offer a loyalty program.
Seth Berman — VP of Performance Marketing, Redbubble
@mulligan Pretty sure Uber launched quickly to beat Lyft, which had been working on the product since it acquired the team behind Rover. Emily Castor's (Lyft head of Community Relations) tweet says as much -
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