Collect and send money as you chat

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We've just released Lydia Bot. It’s the first payment bot for Slack: you just chat on your public channels as usual, and you ask the bot to collect money for you, when your co-workers owe you money. You can also ask the bot to send money for you to your co-workers. Your colleagues don’t need to use the mobile app, they’ll be able to pay you by typing their credit card numbers, just as if they were paying something online. It’s very easy and free ! You can only use it with a French IBAN and French phone number. We would love to hear your feedbacks :)
@nadcorsin Congrats for this Slack integration! Lydia is a great app :)
Lydia has been working hard to create an awesome payment product! Looking forward to their launch outside France!
@nadcorsin -- Amazing idea, would be nice to see lydia app in Netherlands too..:) Looks sleek and would be very helpful for teams... Just few questions to ask about lydia... how safe is lydia? how does lydia handle the payment (payment gateway)? service fees? Note: In Netherlands, most of the people use Debit cards / Bank transfer (iDeal)
@raminjpr Hi Ram, thanks for your feedback ! Lydia is card payement based. Transactions are secured with Payline. If they are p2p, they are free of charge :)
Looks very cool. ETA in the USA?
@anodigital Hi Brian ! Sorry, we are focused on European development for now...
Looping forward to have this in Belgium. Merci de penser à nous ;-)