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"Never Pay Full-Price For An Ebook Again!" Luzme is my site, I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have about it. In short, we check ebook prices in 7 countries. Price too high? add it to your watch list and we'll send you an email when we see a price drop. All the major ebook stores, and all the major English-speaking countries (and a couple of non-English!)
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@rwillmer This is a great idea and I'm all signed up. One thing I prefer is PDF ebooks that aren't locked to a specific app. I've seen authors and some of the publishing houses sell PDFs direct from the website. I guess that's my suggestion for the future, have an option which searches for a non-DRM version of the book. Again, great idea and execution. .
@jasoncomely Great idea! Could you add it as a suggestion at please? Then people can upvote it and I won't forget about it...
Dear Rachel, Thank. You. Sincerely, All Book Lovers
@KikiSchirr My pleasure! I'm a booklover myself, that's how it got started...
how do you think about the price tracking piece? have you seen a huge need from users to have the price tracked over time? cc nathan @cinchpolls
@josephkerns @cinchpolis Oh yes, it's extremely volatile. Writers and publishers often use a short-term (one day, sometimes) price drop to get their books up the charts, and then revert to a higher price to reap the benefits. And even if you have the book on your Amazon wish list, they may not mention this to you :) Not a problem if you only read one book a month or are not price-sensitive, but some of my users at Luzme read several a week, have a large watchlist and are on a budget.
@rwillmer got it - very interesting. thanks Rachel! we are doing something @roundview which helps heavy readers track their online reading. no books yet. but sounds like we probably have a common set of users!
Good stuff Rachel this is pretty cool!
Thanks @rwillmer -- I've been using it since I first found it on ProductHunt a while back -- love it! Saved money on a number of books from my GoodReads list and Amazon Wishlist thanks for these integrations! Brilliant idea. One quick question, I'm so curious... how do you pronounce the name and what's the meaning behind it. I guess that's two questions. Why do I care? Because I keep telling people about your app and I never know how to pronounce... yes, it's that good that I talk about it to other people :) Thanks for a great idea. With my goal of reading a book a week, I've already stockpiled some ebooks thanks to you. Just picked up Smartcutz from my wishlist for $2.99 and some other books for 99 cents.
@nathansudds Thanks! I love hearing that people like using Luzme. You can pronounce the name 'Luz-to-rhyme-with-suds' or 'Luz-to-rhyme-with-lose'; in my mongrel english accent, they sound rather similar :) Why Luzme? Well, because it was short, funky, and the domain was available. Also, I'm learning Spanish and it kind of means 'enlighten me' in Spanish. And it's not ebook-specific, which might be useful when I want to expand out of ebooks. The original name of the site was, from which I learnt many useful lessons: (a) six syllables is too many; (b) 15 letters is too many; (c) folk don't trust .info domains as much as .coms; (d) I'm rubbish at naming things... So Luzme was just the best idea I could come up with when I decided to rename....
@nathansudds update on the how-to-pronounce-it question... It's now officially "Luz-to-rhyme-with-love"...