Luxer One

ONE space for ALL your packages: from Laundry Locker founder

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a new startup from @arikslevy : the founder of Laundry Locker (which for me, gives this promise that this could really take off). Laundry Locker is a very successful startup where lockers are placed inside of residential buildings and universities, you leave your clothes in them, they get taken away to be cleaned, then returned to the locker. Luxer One utilizes the similar locker concept for package deliveries that you can pick up at any time. It's kind of a mix between Amazon's Locker program/Swapbox etc. and something like Luna from @ZackShapiro - as the lockers are placed in your actual apartment, rather than a convenience store or something, like Amazon. Arik clearly has the experience from Laundry Locker to hopefully make this new model a success.
@_jacksmith This is a big concept in Japan. Instead of having a doorman, you have a box to accept luggage, packages, other deliveries, etc. Excited to see how this works
@_jacksmith thanks for the hunt. Considering we operate the largest locker network in the country, it's no surprise that we're getting into the package delivery space. Luxer One is our newest project to open up our nationwide locker network so that anyone can deliver anything, quickly and easily. We are still pretty stealth so stay tuned for exciting updates as we grow on the back of @laundrylocker's and @droplocker's success.
@arikslevy I couldn't find which regions or locations you service, even in your FAQ.
@rrhoover, @luxerone is available nationwide. We currently have lockers in over 30 US markets. BTW, loved your interview on @TWistartups
@arikslevy oh wow, I didn't realize you had that broad of distribution. Thanks for watching the TWiST interview!