LuxBox Case

A stylish, minimal case for your iPhone

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I wish this didn't have the square logo box in the corner. Ruins the minimalist aesthetic.
@joostschuur The production factory would agree with you too! They hate the cutout but we prototyped it without the logo and it looked too plain IMO
@jkhallatl This comment baffles me. You've got the word minimalist all over your web site and product description and you think adding an off center logo (which is not an established logo and means nothing to people) as a good idea? I don't think you and I agree on what that word means :) As a potential customer, I'm saying I wouldn't buy this because of the logo there.
@joostschuur Gotcha. Thanks for the feedback.
@jkhallatl I'm with @joostschuur on this one. My taste in accessories is minimal in general, though. In your next run, you could look at a different approach to the branding, like a logo emboss.
@kkdub Wow! Thanks. This is very interesting because that would be so much easier you wouldn't even believe the headaches this square cutout gave the factory (and us).
Awesome! Thanks Nichole for hunting this! We created LuxBox Case because choosing between protecting (and identifying) your iPhone shouldn't be a choice between looking like your carrying a construction brick or expressing some personal style. We started with the basic essential elements of screen protection by protecting the corners and the face of the screen with a beveled rim that extends beyond the screen. The core design elements are natural materials: real walnut wood veneer for the LuxBox Case Chosen and 100% wool for the LuxBox Case Classic. We will be adding some other wood veneer and wool options shortly, as well as some classic material prints. Stay tuned! *Oh yeah, as always, we replace (for Free) for 365 days for any problems
Looking forward to trying mine out, @jkhallatl!
👌 let me know what you 💭. Really think you'll 👍
Just moved to 6s plus, am right now with tech21. Feels like brick. Too much protection for a user like me. Love this design and idea. Can't wait to try it out!
@vadivelk Awesome! The LuxBox Case for iPhone 6/6S Plus will be shipping in about 3 weeks!