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Just downloaded it. A bit like Fancy
@adnandawood Also looks like Canopy for iOS
Currently trending in the "Best new apps" section of the apple apps store this is available for iOS: and Android:
I know the team, and they told me about the rebranding recently. A nice new app anyway!
It's nice, but was this really on TechCrunch and NY Times?
@anges244 I don't get what you mean. was it on techcrunch? I didn't see it. Please could you expand on your comment a bit?
@_jacksmith Their website mentions TechCrunch and NYT coverage for them ( or their brands! ). It is a trend lately to use such techniques to increase trust, but without linking directly to such articles, so I am asking if it was really featured on TC or NYT.
@anges244 oh right. yes, you're right to highlight that. I think that their reference to NYT and TechCrunch is because they rebranded from previous efforts which were featured there; so it's the same company, just a new brand and new app. was called peach before:
@_jacksmith That explains a lot, but still they shouldn't use that since they changed their product. At least, they were covered in a way.... Many apps use this false "coverage" or "notable clients" technique to mislead. Anyway, thanks for your answer!