Free premium LUTs for color grading digital cinema

Joseph Angelo Todaro has shared his entire collection of handmade color lookup tables (LUTs) in one very organized web library. The downloaded .cube files can be used to apply the look in Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro X, Davinci Resolve, Lightroom, and even Photoshop. Who said premium can’t also be free?

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I have a lot of other free LUTs which are nowhere near this quality. Very excited to use some of these on my Italy footage!


These LUTs are so well designed, I love them.


I can't find anything wrong with these at all

Thanks for taking a look at Luthouse! I hope you all get great use out of the LUTs :)
These are fantastic Joseph, thanks for sharing so many of them for free, I look forward to trying these out eventually. May I ask how you go about actually making a LUT like these?
@liammckay Thanks Liam! I hope you get some great use out of these. There are a number of ways to create a LUT file but these were created through use of Adjustment Layers in Photoshop and exported as .cube files.
@jatodaro Awesome, I definitely need to dive into the world of .cube files, sounds super interesting!
I dropped you a message on Twitter, but biggleswade and orange dark orange are coming up as 0 bytes, the rest are fine though. This is such an awesome product, I can't wait to use them on my next vid :)
@andyjh07 Thanks so much for pointing this out Andy. The issue should now be fixed. Try downloading again and let me know if it gives you any trouble at all 😄
@jatodaro Both work great now, thank you :)