B2B contact information at your fingertips.

Lusha is the easiest and fastest way to engage with your leads, candidates and prospects. We help sales, recruiters and marketing professionals find B2B contact information from anywhere on the web, within just one click.

Today, over 30,000 customers transform the way they engage with their prospects by using Lusha on a daily basis.

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@bramk Thank you! We are very excited to introduce Lusha to you hunters. We've built Lusha as we believe that finding someone online and reaching out to them is the basic foundations of the Internet. we want to help and save time to everyone which is trying to engage, for example: * Recruiters sourcing their top talents * Founders which are looking for media cover or investors. * SEO / Backlink guys trying to get their next guest blogging or link. * SDR and Sale expert running after the next deal. Our main focus is to get phone numbers as well as private emails (Gmail, Hotmail, etc) We created a special coupon code with 50% discount which will be available during the first 48 hours. the code is "ProductHunt" We love to hear the community feedback and in particular with suggestion as to how to make the product better.
Nice but on my tries 50% was a success. When it found details I would add the feature to click on the email for example and open directly my favorite email client to send an email. Good luck
@perez_michael Thanks for your feedback. You can simply tap on the Email icon left to the email address, it will open your favorite email client to send an email. tnx
This looks interesting. Going to check out in AM
Looks cool, but I didn't get the confirmation email, so I can't actually test this
@kobaiko Your account was activated, welcome to try, tnx
Nice work guys. Where do you see this going say a year from now?
@yonidariel Thanks Yoni. Lusha's vision is to simplify the way you contact with people. We are working to add more social networks and improve the hit rate. tnx