Lure Squad

Earn rewards for playing Pokémon Go

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Hello ProductHunt! Creator here. My friends & I love Pokemon Go & wanted to figure out a way to reward players & local businesses for taking a friendly stance toward Pokemon players. Thanks for upvoting! I'm off to catch some more Eevees (working on that last Eeveelution, Jolteon!)
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@futhey Love this idea so much! Hopefully St. Louis companies will be smart and use it ;)
@stephaniealuff Thanks for the kind words! Hopefully St. Louis area businesses find this helpful!
“Partnering” with 7 Eleven to add thousands of locations. All of US & Canada should be covered. Free Small Slurpie's for everyone!
@futhey but that "partnership" is only good for 7/11 Day (today), right? ;)
@thetylerhayes Yes. Hopefully this just accelerates adoption and makes the experience better for new users today.
Great way to troll a friend's house.
Hi James. I'm a journalist from Argentina. We are making an article about Lure Squad. Can you give me an email to contact you directly?
@eapesteguia I got your message earlier, just very overwhelmed at the moment. I promise a reply by end of day. Thanks for reaching out!