LURE 2.0

Addictive text stories presented in a fun way!

Lure features a huge collection of chat fiction; short stories told with text messages, like if you were watching somebody else’s conversation. From thrillers and horror stories to hilarious group chats, Lure’s chat stories deliver traditional stories in an engaging new way – just tap to reveal the next message and watch the story unfold.

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4 Reviews5.0/5
Here's a lil' bit of background! Two 22-year-old and one 19-year-old student reminiscing about how much life has drastically changed within the last 10 years. We were all avid readers of novels back in elementary and high-school but by the time college came around we had all began to read less and had instead switched to other forms of entertainment that were more visual. Upon further research we discovered lack of reading was a real problem with young adults. We wanted to change that. Thus Lure was created in hopes to get young readers more excited about reading their favorite stories by presenting it through a new medium which they all enjoy…text messages. Lure has introduced a new medium of entertainment and content discovery. Lure consists of a network of snackable and bite-sized content that is curated by our users. The Lure content is then consumed by the users in a format which is simple yet provides a sense of realism through the use of interactive and situational interfaces. Today, Lure stands tall as a story platform where users engage and interact with stories in a text message format. This integration is targeted at users ages 13-30 who grew up with the internet. This target demographic tends to read books less, and instead consumes large amounts of media and news through social networks. Thanks for checking Lure out :D
@markerzsupport just downloaded the app. It's really addicting. But you guys have to make sure you keep the interesting content coming! Thanks Kartik
@kartikdadwal Thanks! We'lldefinitely do our best to add new content weekly :)
@markerzsupport In order to create content (which could become bottle neck if you try to create everything on your own) you should open a market place within the app that lets users signup and create stories that can help them earn $$ depending how much that story was read. This way you can focus on the core logic of creating a dope platform and not have to wear about content creation. Oh well, initially you will Have to put in the work though ;) Thanks Kartik
@markerzsupport @kartikdadwal We're actally stemming away from a free public user curated platform of writers rather we have quite an interesting model in how we aim to provide content, and were not just talking text but integrating film aswell! Stay tuned.

I used the app today. I like the idea and the team has executed it well.


Easy to use

Pretty intuitive to navigate around

simple concept


Sometime the story can feel like its being pulled a little.

Great concept! Love it. But will there be an Android version?
@lololwarrior There actually is! But it is very old and needs a lot of work. We plan to update it in the future to match the quality of our iOS app :)