Remember to stay in touch, your personal CRM

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Hey @MouyyadA! Thanks for sharing. This app reminds me of WeShould ( Luper seems to be much more simple -- WeShould is far too complicated and requires too much overhead, imho. What are the strongest use cases and how have you found it most valuable, Mouyyad?
Thanks @rrhoover! It's really a simple use case. You meet someone new or someone you know, you add them to a Lup and you get reminded to contact them either by phone call, email, or text, depending on the time frame you set. Luper does all the work and prepopulates the contact information for the contact method. I use it regularly to remember to keep in touch with friends and acquaintances that I don't keep up with on a regular basis. That way I could stay in touch and continue solid relationships.
I like the simplicity. CRM is a competitive space but you seem to be tackling it from a different angle. What are you plans with Luper, @MouyyadA?
With ever growing networks, personal CRM is interesting to me. I've also come across which tracks your email activity to help you follow up with folks you want to keep in touch with. Does Luper automatically adjust its reminders based on your contact activity?
This is great, I've been wanting something like this. Excited to see how it works over time. One small issue I've encountered is contact deduplication. I often have a few different contacts entries per person, one with phone, one with email+phone, etc. A few times I tried to set a weekly email reminder for someone, but found I'd chosen the wrong contact and only had a phone number. It would be great if all those contacts were merged, to the extent it's possible given the data you have.