Coordinate lunch trips with colleagues and friends in Slack.

/Lunchbox is a chatbot that lets you schedule lunch with your peeps.

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Hey @petebernardo, I love the product and I think it's a real issue each day in the office. What about ordering the lunch to the office?
@ofirchakon hi! That will be our next path that we work on. We started with the simple pain of picking a place but eventually we'll get to more sophisticated things like a group order.
I had a channel for this, too much confusion. But this, this is next lever! I'm going to try implementing this at work!
This looks really cool! Always an issue in my office, can't wait to test it out!
We (@nicdev & @petebernardo) built /lunchbox to help fill a need we saw across our different Slack instances. We spent a couple of days building an easy way for our friends to organize going to lunch everyday together. Hope you enjoy! Let us know if you have any ideas on functionality or tweaks.