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Have lunch with me at Airbnb!

I created this website as a way to invite folks to have lunch with me at Airbnb. My aspiration is for it to grow to a community of folks that enjoy meeting other people while having a positive result on the greater community.

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Hi PH! Thanks for checking out my simple product! I created this website as a way to meet folks in the SF community and for other folks to meet each other. My aspiration for the website is to grow beyond me – a community of people that enjoy meeting other people over a simple meal and having great conversations. Secondly, I hope that two eventual outcomes will happen: 1. Other people will want to host lunches 2. We can give back to the SF community (or wherever you wish to host a lunch) by donating to a local non-profit that provides food for the homeless These are a few ideas I have but open to suggestions or feedback! Excited to host my first few guests!
@mmahalwy 👋Mohamed, what made you choose to ask for a LinkedIn profile url in the Google form?
@mmahalwy Applied! I don't have a LinkedIn, so I hope you don't mind me including my AngelList profile 😁
@hypervillain great question! My intention is to make sure we get a group of folks from different perspectives. For example, a group of mixed of engineers, sales, designers, ops, etc. or a group that is from different industries eg. social, real estate, travel, etc. I think that's when conversations will get super interesting :)
@chadwhitaker No problem at all! Excited to have you join for lunch!
@mmahalwy I understand, but diversity is not only work or industry related and I feel like a text area would have been more appropriate (where you can talk about your job and industry of course)
I love the idea!
Love this idea Mohamed. I'm going steal it and use it hear in Atlanta.
@robbnotes Please do! I'd love for this to be in every city!
@robbnotes What company in Atlanta? that's where I'm based.
@creativitypizza Hey Dwayne. My company is Bluhook. Opening up an office in Q4. Right now were all working remotely. Where are you located?
@mmahalwy I'll let you know when I do. Also, I'll try to schedule a lunch with you next time in SF. Cheers!
This is such a great idea! Coming for lunch with you next time I’m in SF!
I love the idea man! Great work!