Lunch Auction

Raise money for charity by selling an hour of your time

#5 Product of the DayFebruary 08, 2020
A place to raise money for charity or for yourself by selling an hour of time (as lunch, coffee, consultation or mentorship session).
You can also buy someone's else time. For example, you can buy an hour with an investor in California while traveling there.
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The idea for this product came to me while on business trip to California (visiting from Ireland). I wanted to meet with investors to research the investment space, as I was planning on leaving my full-time job in order to start my own business. It took me over a week to get connected even though I had a lot of things going for me (alumni network of one of the world's leading institutions, working for one of the most famous tech giants etc.). I thought that it would be cool to have a marketplace where people could sell an hour of their time while others could buy it. The unique benefit of this platform is that 'quality' people with tight schedules (like investors) are motivated to get on the platform: they can support charities by simply sparing an hour of their time. For others, they can meet the people who can significantly help them (through mentorship, consultation, advice etc.)
Hello great idea...any chance this was created via NoCode apps?
@fornerdan Hi Daniel, the platform was created with Node.js
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Really really neat idea!