Lunation Lab

A revolutionary way to recycle and re-use your old clothing.

We make vinyl designs that easily iron on to clothing. The goal is to help you revitalize old clothes, without the environmental or financial cost of buying something new.

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Daniel MeadeIndie Hacker making charity transparent
Interesting idea! I’ve actually thought a lot about the process of recycling clothes recently so I have a few questions. 1. Can you share more about what the average environment impact is of throwing out clothes and buying new ones? 2. Are all of your vinyls black? 3. Can people submit their own designs to create vinyls from? 4. How long will the vinyls last before their quality diminishes? 5. How easy are the vinyls to apply?
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Chauncey Dewey
Co-founder Lunation Lab
@_danielmeade Hi Daniel, Thanks for the feedback and questions! 1. American's alone throw away about 14 million tons of clothing every year, looking through a global perspective that number grows exponentially. 2. We have vinyl that come in 10 different colors. It all depends on the design. 3. We do have a collaboration page found at the bottom of our website. 4. The vinyl we use is constantly tested: We've made hundreds of samples for ourselves and haven't seen problems with the vinyl yet. (this project has been research based for about a year) 5. The vinyl application process takes about 3 minutes. Check out our tutorial page where you can see how quick and easy the process is. All you need is any household iron. I hope this clarifies!