Luna Launcher

A home screen for kids, a parental control tools for parents

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This is Bao, maker of Luna Launcher. Luna Launcher is a home screen to bring the best experience for your kids to explore the world by smartphone and to prevent phone addiction. Parent can do one time setup kid's home screen with selected apps and actions. An action is an one click job, such as call mom, video call grand dad with Facebook Messenger, Skype dad, etc (depending on messaging apps on the device). Parent can create time slots and geo fence to block certain apps that kids can not use during school time or before bed time. Luna Launcher tracks time that kids spend on apps and lock down when time usage reaches daily quota. It also has a built-in Youtube player in which parent can select kid's favourite channels and videos. Last but not least, parent can easily switch between parent and kid mode which is handy for parents to let kids use their device for a while. Luna Launcher as "Apps for kids" section in which our algorithm combines parent selections, kid reactions and reviews by our staffs to bring the best choice for your children Best regards, Bao Le Duc
I'm happy to see such products featured here in Product Hunt, I like the features it has out of the box, Thanks and keep on hacking.
Looks good will have to use on my 14 to 16 years olds, when they get that age for a phone.
Hi @androidlove, Luna is also designed for parents to give their devices for their kids for a while. Let say you're back from work and your kids ask you for your phone to play Angry Bird for a while. With Luna, you can easily set up your kids profile with app set and time limit.
We like it, one problem is that after phone restart the status bar is available, thus the kid can go to settings and disable the launcher, or even remove it :(
@futuretempo1 Please don't put the "Settings" apps in the homescreen and make sure "Allow unauthorized apps" is OFF in Luna's settings