World's smartest bag made of carbon fiber

✅Charge your gadgets & mobile phone wirelessly

✅Remind you, if you left something behind

✅Light up inside when it's dark

✅Notify you if someone tries to open or take your bag

✅Show you its location if you misplace it

✅Provide you with internet connection worldwide

✅Enhance your modern high-class style

✅And yes, carry your stuff, obviously :)

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Looks good! Can you tell me how the wireless charger works?
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@martijn_verbove Thank you for your warm words. There is a special pocket (on the strap for Backpack & on the back side of the bag for Messenger and CrossBody) and when you put your QI supported phone in it the phone charges wirelessly.
How long does it take for the power bank to charge fully?
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@albert_arshakyan The built-in power bank is 10 000mAh and it takes about 4 hours for wired charging and about 6-7 hours for wireless charging.
The power bank may be TSA approved, but what about the fact this has a camera on it? Pretty sure this is going to be an issue in airports?
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@productpearson Be sure that the back view camera on the bags can't be the issue in airports, anyway please be informed that the camera is optional and you can purchase the smart bag without it.
This looks awesome 😎
It looks cool , I have 2 questions before I decide to buy 1) Is the bag support third party power bank , as I need lots of juice …and lately I just brought a graphene power bank , the super fast charging feature is something I need 2) Is the wireless charging compartment suit iPhone XS max ? As the phone have a bigger size .