The easiest way to animate your photos

Lumyer is an app that animates all of your photos... beautifully 😏

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There are other apps out there like this, but Lumyer's effects are generally pretty well done. The number of sharing and export options is pretty sweet too.
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@chrismessina this is both hilarious and something that I can never un-see.
@chrismessina this is frightening. NSFW.
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@chrismessina This is so sensual. I looovveee it!
This is pretty cool!
clearly @chrismessina is much better at this than me
@nivo0o0 hahahahahahhahaha!!!! love it!
A good attempt on Image processing, yet one in the crowd. All the best Makers.
The illustrations for the product made this hillarious.
So it's okay, the best ones are pretty much shown here. With a couple of them you can indeed create funny stuff, pretty much because it's girls stuff on a boys face. But are they still developing? Like, will there be more options? I just went and tested some in-app buy options as well, but it's OK. Not mind blowing.