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Carmelo Anthony
Carmelo AnthonyHunter@carmeloanthony · Small Forward, NY Knicks
I love photography. I also love all kinds of gadgets and am always looking for new ones. Too often, I will buy a gadget and only use it once or twice. Lumoid lets me try equipment and (coming soon) gadgets without having to purchase and then lets me apply part of my rental payment to the price if I buy the item. It’s the best of all. I have an ownership interest in Lumoid.
Aarthi Ramamurthy
Aarthi RamamurthyMaker@aarthir · Founder
@carmeloanthony Sweet! Thanks for picking Lumoid here :)
ryan borker
ryan borker@borker · Founder, Shortlist and Hisabo Tea
Love photography, and renting lenses is always a great look for people who want to try a lens, or need it for an occasion. The high Q lenses cost beaucoup bucks but make a huge difference. Better layout than borrow lenses and comparable prices. A few UI bugs to fix, but overall seems like a good option + it has some cool new tech (like drones) you can't rent elsewhere.
Aarthi Ramamurthy
Aarthi RamamurthyMaker@aarthir · Founder
@borker Hey Ryan, thanks for the comment! We just pushed a new landing page late last night and are working our way through some of the UI issues. Should go away soon. Thanks!