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lumio started as a chrome extension and a web app, now it’s also on iOS. It aims to be a read-later, webclipper, bookmark and clipboard app, all in one, your all-round digital assistant one day.




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Allen lee@allenleein · Founder of Gargantua
Lumio is one of my fav applications of all time. I have been using it since first web beta. For people who want to read/save a lot (over 200 articles per day/ over 1000 articles per week), this is the best tool you can get. Compare to Pocket/Genius/Evernote/Bookmarks, it can save a LOT of time for you.
Attila GajdicsMaker@attilagajdics · co-founder, lumio
@allenleein Thank you Allen!
Attila GajdicsMaker@attilagajdics · co-founder, lumio
For those who missed the chrome extension, lumio aims to be a 2017-style bookmark that not only lets you save any piece of info, but also makes that info available exactly when and where it is useful for you - via e.g. integrations with Slack, Trello, Microsoft Teams (more to follow). Now also on iOS. Give it a try and let us know if you’ve got comments, questions or ideas. We appreciate all feedback.
Alex Kucher@mrkucher · Product Manager
@attilagajdics Great alternative to bookmarks so far. Thanks! Wasn't super clear if the iOS app will eventually have the ability to remove bookmarks and add bookmarks to collections or if that's just a bug. Let me know!
Attila GajdicsMaker@attilagajdics · co-founder, lumio
@mrkucher Thank you! The current version of the iOS app already lets you organize your cards (add/remove to/from collections). Give it a try :)
Attila GajdicsMaker@attilagajdics · co-founder, lumio
@erictwillis thank you! We’re delighted to see the lumio iOS app on Product Hunt just a couple of months after the lumio chrome extension!
Thomas TomHawk Burningham@thomas_tomhawk_burningham
Big Evernote user for saving articles but haven't ever loved it. Gonna give this a try
Attila GajdicsMaker@attilagajdics · co-founder, lumio
@thomas_tomhawk_burningham Thank you! Would love to hear about your experience with it.
Vincent Zhang@vincent_zhang · Product
Looks like as same as liner...