Break up with bookmarks 💔

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lumio’s predecessor, Candy, was listed on PH last September, became a Golden Kitty nominee, and received tons of feedback here. The feedback helped us a lot during the complete re-design and re-branding of the app (learn how and why on our blog:
@attilagajdics Candy was really cool, but what you guys did w Lumio is just <3
@sharpmax Thank you Maxime!
lumio aims to be a 2017-style bookmark that not only lets you save any piece of information, but also makes that information available exactly when and where it is useful for you - e.g. via integrations the first of which is with Slack. Give it a try and let us know if you’ve got comments, questions or ideas. We appreciate all feedback.
@attilagajdics Something super useful from Hungary. Great work guys ;)
@csaba_kissi Thank you Csaba!
Totally love lumio, it's awesome to keep track of assessments you're making of a text. I use it all the time when doing research for content marketing at our startup. I used to do this with Google Docs but those docs were just a mess that made the work all the more inefficient. I featured Lumio in an article about best Chrome extensions about two weeks ago!
@gillesdc Thank you Gilles! This is exactly where we'd like lumio to be helpful.
I'm happy to see lumio on ProductHunt. I use the app for content research almost every day and I really love it. Highlighting makes my research process so much easier :) Congrats @attilagajdics
@orsikurdi Thank you! :) We're happy that you find it useful!
A way better tool than bookmarks to collect important lines and complete articles. Thanks for creating such an awesome tool 🙏