Lumi Wallet

🥇 Crypto wallet & exchange. Secure, easy & handy.

Lumi wallet is secure, easy-to-use crypto wallet that suits both new and advanced users. It bundles user friendly design and high-end functionality. Lumi supports both ETH and BTC and the most popular tokens. In-wallet exchange allows you to exchange coins fast and easy. Lumi does not require any personal data and keep your personality anonymous.

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  • Raleigh SoutherTechGuy that is not Bill Gates, yet

    Design - really well thought out

    Ease of use - Intuitive and user friendly

    Speed - operates smoothly and quickly


    Nothing comes to mind

    Really impressed with all the work the team has put into this product. All of the above pros make Lumi Wallet one of the best Crypto Wallets on the market in my opinion. I am excited to see more of the same in the future.

    Raleigh Souther has used this product for one month.
  • TTDesigner

    Pretty & user friendly, quite stable, quickly responding support


    Didn't find yet

    Easy and nice to use, compared to other wallets for crypto

    TT has used this product for one month.


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Diana FurmanMakerPro@furmannd · CEO Lumi Technologies
This is the first time I have launched a product on Product Hunt but I feel that the PH audience will value Lumi a lot! This is a wallet made by an experienced professional team that cares about the security of your crypto funds. In the present time, I have not seen any wallet that bundles both security and smooth design, with such an amazing ease of use. We have made a wallet that you can use in you daily life without sacrificing any of your security. Lumi is a client-side wallet. What does that mean for you? That means that your private keys (the most essential thing in crypto) are created and stored entirely on your device! They are never stored or sent outside of your device! Enjoy Lumi wallet and leave your feedback!
Andrei Gherciu@andrei_gherciu
@furmannd Hi! Sounds interesting, but what will happen if I lose my smartphone?
Anna Svirelkina@anna_svirelkina ·
@furmannd Hi. What is your killer feature?
Diana FurmanMakerPro@furmannd · CEO Lumi Technologies
@andrei_gherciu 1. You should always have a backup of your mnemonic stored somewhere offline. Later you can import it on any other device or web. 2. If you lose you phone you can reset it remotely and your wallet will be deleted.
Diana FurmanMakerPro@furmannd · CEO Lumi Technologies
@anna_svirelkina I believe that we did very smooth wallet that is easy and pleasant to use comparing to there crypto wallets
Dave Waslen@davewaslen
Definitely one of the nicest and most well-designed crypto wallets out there. Big fan!
Diana FurmanMakerPro@furmannd · CEO Lumi Technologies
@davewaslen Thank you Dave 😍
Alex@alexbor_ · song and dance man
And it has a built-in exchange? Sign me up!
Diana FurmanMakerPro@furmannd · CEO Lumi Technologies
@alexbor_ Yes! Changelly is integrated in Lumi wallet. You can exchange crypto to crypto just in a few clicks
Konstantin Gladych@gladkos1 · CEO at Changelly
Well done! Happy to see Changelly instant exchange onboard.
Diana FurmanMakerPro@furmannd · CEO Lumi Technologies
@gladkos1 Thanks to Changelly for such a great product to integrate!
Ari Shpanya@arie_shpanya ·
Well done! Sleek design and great look & feel