Lumi Collect

Crypto wallet for collectibles & in-game assets 🌟

Have you ever played crypto games? Such as CryptoKitties, BlockchainCuties, War of Crypto and so on. Lumi Collect is a first-of-its-kind mobile app to display and manage all user's crypto collectibles and in-game assets (ERC721 tokens) in one place. Gift, breed, sell your creatures and weapons with Lumi Collect.

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38 Reviews5.0/5
Hi @furmannd. I have been testing Lumi, and came across Lumi Collect a few days ago. Your UX on Lumi Collect is so much better than Lumi, and out of the 60 wallets that I've tested, Lumi Collect is in the top 3. Great job.
@abasa Thank you a lot! We will try to make it better and better!
Hi hunters! I'm Diana, this is my second product on PH! I think that dapps (= decentralized gaming applications) are fun and their gaming assets (collectibles) might be a good investment for those in the know:) Those creatures often are animals (Kitties, Cuties, (poke)Mons,pigs) but there are also objects like crystals and planets. People who invest in cryptocurrencies can see their portfolios in thir wallets, or in the exchanges, but poor gamers have (well, had) to enter each game's site or settle for the number and the type of creatures in Metamask. We in Lumi decided that it's neither comfy nor fun and created a wallet to enjoy and manage your colection directly from your phone in a smooth and easy way. I hope it'll help popularize dapps by making in-game actions more accessible, faster and more secure.
@furmannd Hi! When will in-game actions like breeding (Kitties) be available? I haven't found that in the app
@marie_gaa Hi! You are right, we have released first version without this feature but we will add it in two weeks!
Can't wait to try it on android!
@anton_baklan We will release it in about 6 weeks =)
@furmannd not that long actually, great to hear that!
Amazing product, one of the best solution for iOS. I've tested a lot of similar apps, but this is the best. Good job, guys!

Awesome app to manage your ERC721 tokens, it’s beautifully designed and non custodial. No one but you will hold on to your tokens, there is even a reminder to backup your wallet. Once in game actions are introduced I think the experience can be really compelling for CryptoKitties fans!


Awesome design as usual with the Lumi set of apps, seamlessly manage all your ERC721 tokens in one place.


No in game actions yet but I am sure it will come very soon.