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I do love having personalised news but I'm a heavy Nuzzel user - I couldn't filter through the noise without it! Nuzzel is limited to it's integration with Twitter though - and although that is highly relevant for me... I can see how it would be a barrier for others. Lumi uses your browsing history to recommend stuff, at the moment it's taking a while but I assume it takes a long time to go through someones history... Won't be very helpful if you delete your history often! (I like the animations of when it is loading) These were my suggestions: Now you may all think that these are my ACTUAL interests... but they are not haha. I tend to google around for things related to work or random things come about from clicking other things... my browsing history may not be a great representation (for me!).... Also most useful content I consume is via my mobile. I love personalised news and think this is a very interesting space, I'm just not so sure on the accuracy/relevancy of this just yet.
@bentossell Systems like this should have a "tinder like" way to pick what you wanna see or not. This way it can learn with the user what to show.
@bentossell Thank you for this! It's like an early xmas present for us. FYI 2014 was all about the web app, this is the product you've tried. In 2015 we all focused 100% on Android. 2016 looks like we're going to start eating an apple. @aleattorium Good news, this is exactly what the Android app does. Try it :)