Lumenati CS1

The world's first cinematic smartcase

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Lumenati is a group of filmmakers who were tired of the poor filming ergonomics of smartphones, yet still in awe of their capabilities. We set out to design a case that took styling and ergonomics from cameras of the 60’s to fully harness the powerful technology of today.
I love the design of this product, super simple and elegant. I love that the viewfinder and lens system are just mirrors and lenses. The action of sliding the phone in like a film magazine gives the overall product a fun factor that I think is worth the price of admission alone. However, with all that said, I do struggle to see this taking off as anything more than a gimmick (albeit a great one!) and having used add on lenses and filters in the past I know first hand that everything you put between the sensor and the subject is a layer of reduced quality. But I am hopeful that this launch is a springboard for a similar product that fits into this ecosystem that has a dedicated sensor and lens mount for vintage slr lenses or others. This seems like a group of really innovative engineers and designers. I'll be following along closely. Tip of the hat friends, well done!
The Lumenati CS1 combines the technological features of a digital device (film-free shooting, instant sharing and an editing app) with the cool design, ergonomic ease and natural narrative that the lo-fi classic camera is known for.
Hey @scottburgerking this looks cool :-) I'm trying to understand how it works. Does it somehow transmit the image to go into the iPhone camera lens, or does it have its own sensor that captures the image?
@prattarazzi we use a set of mirrors and magnification for both the front lenses and the eye pieces! Thanks for your interest!
Ah, fond memories of my old Canon 814 Super8MM camera (circa 1972). This kinda reads like a physical manifestation of the Hipstamatic app.