Lumen5 enables people to quickly and easily create videos for social media without any technical expertise.
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Hey Product Hunt! We've been heads down growing Lumen5 for a couple of years now, and we're excited to finally share it with the community! Around two years ago, we noticed that video was really taking over the web. The demand for video content was clear, but we saw that businesses couldn’t keep up. This was what sparked the idea for Lumen5: a dedicated social video creator built from the ground up for businesses and marketing teams. Lumen5 helps you create social videos in 3 major ways: A.I. automation: You can turn blog posts into videos. Enter a link to an article and Lumen5 uses A.I. to summarize your content and automatically generates relevant footage. Media library: Lumen5 offers a built-in media library with over 200 million stock videos, photos, gifs, and soundtracks. Search for what you’re looking for, then drag-and-drop them into your video. Made for social: You can easily switch between square, wide, and tall aspect ratios for all your different social channels. Lumen5 adapts by intelligently cropping and repositioning your content. You folks are probably the best group of people to help us get Lumen5 to the next level. I’d love to get your thoughts on what we've built so far and how we can make it even better!
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I've purchased other video programs, but none are as simple to use as Lumen5. After using it for free for a long time I made the upgrade even though I've purchased other video programs. They just don't match up to Lumen5.
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@judy_orr Thank you so much for your support! As makers, there's really no better feeling than to hear that the products we make are delivering real value! The idea for Lumen5 sprung from the observation that most existing video editing tools were built for the film industry. As mobile devices became more common, data plans got cheaper, videos became a core part of the way we convey and consume information. We saw a new breed of video in the form of social videos, and they tend to be much simpler than your average blockbuster film. As a result, we felt there was a need for a simpler video creator, built specifically to help brands and businesses create engaging social videos! I'm a strong believer that good design, and especially good A.I. should be invisible to the user. Our hope is to deliver the feeling that "it just works" and nobody knows why! Of course, behind the scenes, lots of stuff are happening: We use Natural Language Processing algorithms to automatically summarize content and highlight important keywords. Our A.I. automatically matches each scene with relevant media files through constantly improved searching and matching algorithms. Scene lengths are all automatically calculated based on the amount of content on display so there's no need for a timeline. Components are automatically re-positioned and adjusted when dynamically switching between wide, square, and tall aspect ratios. The list goes on, and on, and on! Simplicity is truly the ultimate sophistication!
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I love Lumen5... it's going in my new book of apps. Great job, guys!
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@nerdybff Welcome aboard! The blog to video feature is quite neat. I see that you have 58 pages of blog posts you've written over the years! Since videos tend to be a bit shorter than blog posts content-wise, I often recommend creating 3 or 4 videos out of a single blog post. You have about 12 blog posts on a page, and 58 pages of posts, and if you create 3 videos per post, that's over 2000 videos! Re-purposing content into video has been a game-changer for a lot of users we work with. It's a really low cost way to get tons of engagement and expose your content to new platforms like Instagram and definitely Instagram Stories!
So easy to put together an eye-catching video for all social platforms! Saved us a lot of time & money. Thanks for being great!
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@lily_martin That's awesome! We hear about the time & money savings a lot. I've often heard stories of people spending thousands of dollars hiring professional video editors, then waiting weeks for completion, but by the time you get the video and post the video, it gets drowned out and swept away by the rapid streams of social media! Consistency has never been more important when it comes to creating video content. With formats like Instagram Stories, video creation has become an important daily practice. Every design decision we make is all around how to make it as easy as possible to create the best and most eye-catching video with a user experience that's simple enough to have you making new videos every single day, and maybe multiple videos per day! We're always working on new themes and styles to make our videos even more eye-catching :)
It's amazing tool which saves tones of time for creating video content! I'm one of the first Lumen5 users and see the progress you guys reach from the private launch. Good luck!
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@anna_konovodova Amazing! Thank you so much for being there with us from the start! I still remember the old days when rendering took hours. Along the way, we figured out so many cool and innovative ways to drastically reduce render time and now videos only take a minute or so to produce. The product is where it is today thanks to the feedback from early users like yourselves! Please keep them coming and we promise to keep making Lumen5 better and better!