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Hey Hunters, The Forest team listened to your comments and is coming back on PH with Lumber. Check it out!
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Thanks @tiboel, we’re so excited to be back on Product Hunt! I’m Sandro (founder of Forest) and I’m happy to answer all your questions :) We launched Forest in June 2016 on PH and received great feedback from the community. The team listened to your comments and worked hard to make it possible for all developers to use Forest, no matter which technology they’re using. Lumber is a generator that analyzes the structure of your database and generates a Node.js admin microservice for your app. It currently supports projects running MySQL and Postgres databases. As with Forest, you’re free to customize the microservice to match your own specific needs. We hope you will find Lumber useful and are excited to know what you think about the project!
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Hope you guys will enjoy Lumber as much as we enjoyed building it!
@arnaud_besnier So lumberjack!!! 🌳🌳🌳
@seyz_ @arnaud_besnier Lumber make it so fun and easy to develop and customize its admin interface !! Awesome job guys, "only n° 10 in my team" ;)
I connected with @seyz_ and the team earlier this year, and they've been killing it ever since. Looking forward to checking out Lumber. And keep up the great work guys!
@jakeapeters Thanks for the kind words Jake! We’re excited to see what you do with it 😊
This looks quite promising. Is there a demo, I can play with?
You should definitely add MongoDB support here
@jmsimoes Mongo would be great. I would love Firebase too, but thats a structure that doesnt even need a backend. Firebase of course has an "admin" but sometimes I want to hook permissions to users and not give them my firebase access directly, but through a nice UI. Thanks for this