Surround WiFi system with speed, safety and security

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Hey Product Hunters - an update that Luma will be available for purchase on today and will be in Best Buy stores starting in July​ ​(and ​is ​still available on Amazon and We've also dropped our retail price to $399 for a 3-pack ($149 for a single Luma). Lastly, we're working with the Amazon Echo team to deliver fun and unique “skills” to Luma customers, the first of which — “pause the internet” — will be available in the coming weeks
@pauljudge what's the "surround" part of the description mean?
@_jacksmith Hi Jack, "surround" refers to the ability to put multiple Lumas around your home to give full coverage. Most consumer routers squeeze a bunch of antennas in one device and just blindly blast a signal as strong as possible. That's like trying to get music all over your home with one single speaker. Instead the best path is to use multiple speakers to have surround sound. Surround WiFi uses mesh networking technology to allow multiple WiFi access points to be placed around your house. The Lumas discover each other and auto-configure into a mesh. They then communicate to optimize settings like channel selection, power levels, and routing config.
Hi everyone, I'm Paul Judge a cofounder of Luma. We built Luma to make the home network as powerful and secure as a business network. We also wanted to make something that looks awesome and boils network management down to a modern app user experience. Happy to answer questions.
@pauljudge Simple question, but someone from Tilt wants to get Luma for her parent's two-story home. Do you recommend the single Luma or the 3-pack?
@jkwade You definitely want at least one Luma per floor of the home. So I would go with a 3-pack. The first one will attach to the main Internet modem. Then the Luma app will recommend where to put the second one and third one.
Luma founders @pauljudge and Mike have built two enterprise network and security companies together–one was acquired by McAfee, the other by Barracuda. Now they've created Luma to bring fast internet + cybersecurity + parental controls to home WiFi. It's like a Dropcam for your network and allows you to see every person/device that's connected and what they're doing in real time. Luma is the next generation home network.
@andreplaut you 'hunted' Google's OnHub. Curious how you think things like Luma and Eero stack up.