Parents, sleep through the night. Every night.

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Hey Everyone! Thanks for the upvotes and I'd love to answer any questions on how we help the entire family sleep better.
@varunboriah this is a no brainer, best product I've ever seen in my life. I NEED SLEEP NAO.
This shit is fuqqin' crazy. I can't wait for my baby to go the fuq to sleep with this excellent science shiznit.
@lisaqfetterman This should be a testimonial on their website ;)
@lisaqfetterman @theanisamirza Lisa is a marketing machine!
@theanisamirza haha, probably not but I'd definitely want to be in their video
Couple questions: how soon do you ship? any reason a physician's advice is required for children under 2 and do you have any info on the landmark study that showed the product's effectiveness? Looks cool and congrats on getting this far.
@mjrawth Thanks for the questions. - We're shipping right now! - Seeking a physicians advice for children under 2 is a regulatory labeling requirement but the decision is ultimately in the hands of parents. - What questions can I answer about the study? It was designed working with physicians at the Stanford Sleep Center - where the field of sleep medicine was born! 12 children with chronic night terrors were enrolled in the study. They did a 2 week baseline and then used our device for 4 weeks. On average there was an 80% reduction in the night terror events between the baseline and the last 2 weeks of device use. Happy to share more details.
I can't wait to try this product!
@peggymangot Me either, can't come out soon enough!
I don't have kids but this is going to make for a great baby shower gift idea!!