Store your luggage in local shops (in London and Copenhagen)

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What about potential terrorist threats? Do you have a screening protocol in place?
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@entrepreneurish Hi James, thank you for your question. Security is something that we take very seriously. First of all you can't make a booking without registering with your fill ID and payment card. Based on this we do a full background check of all users before they leave their bags. Secondly, all shop owners/staff have the right to ask what's in the bags and to ask the traveler to open their bag to confirm. We're proud to say that we have stored more than 6500 bags by now and have not had as much as a stolen luggage tag or a broken zipper. Please reach out if you have more questions! - Mia
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@entrepreneurish @mia_grosen I don't think this is good enough security though. And sorry but numbers in this case have no meaning. You could store 100000 bags and not have a single problem, but if the 100001 bag explodes you are doomed. Great idea though. I hope you can fix this security problem, with a clever technology integration.
@entrepreneurish I don't see a higher security risk than when a bag is somewhere stored in a corner and the "terrorist" is leaving. In most cases somebody will tell the owner about the "lost" bag, he'll keep it and wait for the customer to call or will hand it to the lost and found. Would be sad if the first thought would be "oh this might be a bomb". I think people nowadays really tend do exaggerate the risk of terrorist attacks..
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@entrepreneurish @bboernard I could not agree more Bernhardt.
@entrepreneurish @mia_grosen James, how is it different from leaving your luggage in a hostel? They don't have any screening protocols.
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Oh man. Best product I've seen all year
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@bulleitandcoke Thanks for the kind words Chen!
This is way too needed to not have existed before. Good job there.
@joseph_ayoub Thanks for sending good vibes!
This is brilliant! Can't imagine how many times I was in a situation where I really needed a place to leave my suitcase that wasn't a hostel or a hotel. Do these cafes now have a dedicated room for this or?
@drayinvesting Hi James, thank you for your positive feedback! Our local shops use their existing basements and back rooms to store the luggage - our only requirement is that there's no public access to the storage space. You'll be surprised how much extra space a lot of shops have! As we share our revenue with the shops, it's a great way for them to generate some extra revenue :-)
@mia_grosen I see. I will make sure to try this out next time I come to London. Best tof luck to you in your creative and entrepreneurial endeavours!
@drayinvesting Thanks James! Shoot me an email at if you're in need of storage in London, and I'll make sure you get a promo code :-)
AirBnB for my suitcase. Nice👍🏽
@ravsydney Haha great way of putting it, Ravi! 👌