Luggage Fit

Measure your cabin baggage

Measure your travel luggage easily using your phone's camera. Luggage fit will tell you automatically if your baggage fits the maximum size allowed by your airline.
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This is a good app for the sake of engineering something, but I will have to say that it is not as critical or useful as it seems. As a suggestion, maybe you can find a way to add some features to this app so that it can be used more frequently during traveling. At the same time kudos on the effort and design
I have a long flight in a few hours; this is really nice haha!
Just supported your application! I hope that in the future you will add more airlines, the application can be used as a guide to baggage sizes. It might be worth considering a more beautiful display of sizes. A standard picker doesn't look very good.
@ektrn Thanks for your reply, we are currently collecting information regarding new airlines, we will update the list. As for the UI of the application, your input will be considered for our next iteration, thank you!
Great job!!๐Ÿ˜Š Will check it out! This so cool will use it on my next domestic flights
I didn't even know that such apps exist. It's amazing!