Lugg for Android

Uber for Movers. Now on Android.

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Hey guys! Eric, Jordan, and Pedro with Lugg here. We are excited to finally bring you Lugg for Android. Happy to answer any questions! We load, haul and deliver anything for you. With a few taps a truck and movers arrive in 15-20 minutes. Whether your doing an ikea run, a craigslist purchase, or moving apartments you should never have to worry about needing a truck ever again. Thanks for having us on here!
Side note.... this was built on React Native!
@jordanbrown Great to see another RN app in production. What key RN libraries are you using in this app?
Could've really used this during my undergrad days!
Awesome company and idea!
Lugg is great. It definitely saved me a ton of time & money after I moved into my apartment 6 months ago. Highly recommended!