Lugg 2.0

Move anything, anywhere, anytime. Like Uber, for movers.

Lugg offers on-demand moving, now with live tracking and gorgeous design updates. It’s a huge improvement for the way you Lugg.

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👋 Product Hunters - Happy to be back for round two! We redesigned and built the app from the ground up. Here's what's new: Follow your Truck in Real Time You’ll now be able to follow your truck & stuff in real-time on a map at every turn. We think it really helps make the moving & furniture delivery process a delightful stress-free experience. Loop in your friends When it comes to moving, lots of parties are involved. So we’ve made it easy share your Lugg with your friends and keep them in the loop every step of the way. Sharing feedback It’s never been this easy to share your high fives and appreciation with your Luggers. With your feedback after each Lugg, you shape the community & improve the quality. We couldn't do it without you & this feedback. Scheduling An all-new screen when you schedule your Lugg. Fully focused on your upcoming furniture delivery, move, or Craigslist pickup. Giving you the ability to make changes on the fly, like when you want us to arrive. We improved and redesigned the menu, made your profile more personal, updated the history view, the way you tip through the app, and many more neat little touches. We can’t wait for you to give it a spin! It's available now, let me know what you think! :)
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I'm a Lugg fan. I used it middle of last year when I moved condos. I researched other moving providers found on Yelp but most of the local providers charged more and required booking days in advance.
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@rrhoover Happy to hear it! :)

I've used Lugg 5-10 times now, and it's definitely the best moving service out there. I couldn't recommend it enough. I've seen what Jordan & Eric have done during our yc batch and it's honestly incredible the level of product quality and customer experience they're able to deliver.


Super fast, fantastic service, great support


They're not everywhere yet

👋Jeremy! Hope you're well. Hope to see you around soon. Thank you for the kind words!
The website is presented so well. Fell in love straight away 😍- Keep smashing it!
I feel like lugg is one of those services that you never now you need it till you need it. Trying to get furniture home from any retail store, or a quick cross-town apartment move, or etc etc etc., it's all stuff that sucks and you'd never realize it till you have to do it. Love lugg!