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#1 Product of the DayNovember 10, 2019
Build trust with testimonials
Let your customers speak for you and explain why other users must use your product based on their experiences.
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Hola Hunters! I build Luego without code on Bubble. ⚡️ Luego is an app that helps collect testimonials for you. You can add customers to a simple dashboard and create an automated workflow to collect your testimonials. After your customer fills in a testimonial form 🤖 will check if the testimonial is positive or negative, and you can send the testimonial automatically back to your product via a webhook or send yourself the new testimonial via email. Cheers!
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Luego looks awesome, congratulations on your launch Dave! It’s wild that you built it using nocode tools... Would be cool to see actual testimonials powered by Luego on the landing page (if only to be meta) and also some info on if it’ll be free forever or if you’ll start charging and grandfather uses in etc.
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@alxcnwy Thanks a lot Alex! You're right, great ideas :) And will add more info about the free tier ;)
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Use cases really makes sense and love that you used Bubble!
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@janfsauer Thanks a lot!
Wow looks awesome. Asking my customers for testimonials are always coma...
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@ken_yasue Thanks Ken! Hope this will help you in the future ;)
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