Fun online team building games

Ludo is a platform for playing online team building games in the workplace. We built Ludo as a tool to help us bring our teams and people together, and now we want to share it with you. Ludo uses games inspired by popular social games like Werewolf (that we ourselves have a love for).

Maria João Ferreira
Darren Head
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  • JulienH
    JulienHLead designer

    Some great games! Want to play more


    Having more games will be cool!

    Games are cool! I wish there is more!

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Would love to see this integrated with Slack. My organization would never engage in an email-based product, due to the sheer number of emails that are business critical that everyone already has to deal with. Slack is the place where we work AND play, and this would fit well there.
@bradleypoulette Thanks for the feedback! It's the same for our office, and we are definitely looking into Slack integration. Our Beta will remain focused on email for now though.
"make work great again" eh.. 🤔 👎🏾
Congrats! Sounds like fun and could be incorporated into team building activities. I'll definitely help out sharing Ludo with my business consulting and program development contacts. 👌
This is cool! Looking forward to trying it out. What's revenue model you guys are implementing?
@izzydoesizzy Thanks! We haven't quite finished hammering out those details yet, we just want people to have fun. Right now we're considering a one-time, per user fee, though.
Yeah my team will only use it if it’s on Slack