A smart robot that bends sunlight where you want it.

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@dsolenica Does this ship outside of the States? :)
@joshuaoxj @dsolenica Hi there! Yes of course, we ship sunlight anywhere :)
Congrats on the launch! @dsolenica, can you maybe explain how the robot actually works?
@itsthomson Hi Thomson, thanks! Of course I can explain how Lucy works. Lucy has a transparent sphere that contains an intelligent mirror. This mirror is connected to a network of photosensors that allow it to follow the sun throughout the day and illuminate any spot you decide to point her at. Pointing is a simple gesture. So, basically, you just place her anywhere you have a view of sunlight, then point her where you want to illuminate, and enjoy that sunlight. Of course, she is solar-powered so you don't need to plug her in.
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This is great! Our office doesnt get enough many would I need for a 3k ft office?
@eportnoy Hi Eli, thanks for your question, it's a really important one. An average room of 250 square feet needs 5000 lumens (lumens are units of intensity of light, in the US it would be the equivalent of 465 foot candles) to be properly lit. Now, one Lucy illuminates the equivalent of 7000 lumens (654 foot candles) so on an average room basis, it over-delivers! In your case to illuminate 3000 square feet you would need only 8 Lucy's. They would add a lot of interior design nice Italian decor :)
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Ordered mine yesterday, I'm looking forward to having sunlight in the back part of the family room.
@leanstarter Thank you Andy we can't wait to have Lucy delivered to your door-step!
The site is so easy to navigate and surf. It really makes me wanna get one. In the meanwhile i signed up to get the latest updates. Good job!
@ulricocristini Thank you Ulrico, I'm so glad to hear this! I've been working on it non-stop!
@ulricocristini Feel free to use the built-in chat for any questions!