Lucr lets startups reward their users which helps attract early adopters. Being rewarded makes customers visit sites they wouldn't normally use.

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Hello everyone! Lucr is my first startup and I'm very excited to finally launch it! It connects startups with early adopters by rewarding active users of your apps and websites! With enough startups submitted it would allow potential customers to browse projects they've never heard of and rewards would be a motivational factor. Integration is quite simple- all you have to do is call one API endpoint every time a user performs an action and lucr will check if it is time for a reward! We can then send you a notification via webhook of your choice or the simplest way is to put discount code when editing rewards. You can check the documentation or have fun with demo app I've created (you have to be signed up to get rewards). Hope you'd like it!
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@christophrmite Is the project finished?
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Awesome product! Submitted my startup and integrated with your API already to send you the actions, what's the next step? 🤔
@feedbeaver @ruigomeseu I will add your startup to the Featured section right away :)
@feedbeaver @ruigomeseu You should be on the main page now. Thank you and congrats!
@feedbeaver @christophrmite Awesome, let me know if there's anything else you need from me. I'm at :)
I like the idea. Great way to reward users based on the service they use. Just submitted my startup 😉
@tompec Thanks for your submission! Whenever you will be ready with your integration I will put your startup into Featured section on :)
@christophrmite I have a small concern though. Sending the customer's email in the endpoint is not really ideal. Because it means that each time one of my customer do the action I defined, his email will be sent to you, even if his not on Lucr, right? Maybe we should ask to hash the email like gravatar does?
@tompec Yes, that is something to think about. At the first iteration I've created a whole process to generate user's hash but the integration was too complicated. So then I assumed that using just an email address would simplify the whole thing. But I understand your concerns. Thanks for the tip!
@tompec @christophrmite Is it possible to implement this if the functionality is there? We're going to need this to comply with the upcoming GDPR legislation (and for you to be compliant this will definitely need to be implemented)
@scotty_bowler @tompec I’ve pushed this feature today so you can use md5 hash of user e-mail in the endpoint. Cheers
I need this!! I submitted my start-up: Let's see how it'll work! :)
@nwzer @karimmaassen When you're ready with your integration I will feature your startup on the main page. Just have to see a test action from your startup in database :)
@nwzer @christophrmite Thanks! We're working towards the alpha, so when we're ready I'll try and integrate it. Looking forward to it!
Congrats on your 1st startup @christophrmite!
@mihec Thanks! It's very exciting!