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Bold feature suggestion: require users to add their credit card info, specify some filters (max price, travel distance, etc.), and when the "lucky" button is pressed, instantly book the flight and hotel. ...this is probably a terrible idea but it might force just a few people (like myself) to actually pull the trigger on a vacation. cc @suzywillow
@rrhoover haha I like this. We actually got a message last week from one of our users that's done this for their bachelors party weekend - his friends all put some money down, then one of them tapped Lucky and found out where they're all going!
@alexmakes haha, awesome. Would be fun to highlight some of the Luckytrip stories from your community.
Also, one more bold/terrible (and expensive) idea: comp a trip to every 100th "lucky" button booking.
@rrhoover I think we'll be so happy to get to 100 that we might actually do this!
Thanks for the hunt @bentossell Hey everyone I’m Tiff, one of the founders of LuckyTrip. I started the company with my brother Alex, we both love to travel but hate the admin so we decided to build LuckyTrip - the easiest way to find great trips. We wanted to build something inspiring and simple to use. Just set your budget and tap Lucky, and see a complete trip with live prices : Somewhere to go - the cheapest flights from Skyscanner Somewhere to stay - the best rooms from Something to make you happy - a unique handpicked activity picked by us If you want to see a trip to a new place, just tap Lucky again! You can save, share, and book, all within the app. Hope you like it, feel free to ask us any questions, cheers!
Big fan of this approach. Abstracting out the conditions, the specificity that Kayak et al demand - namely WHERE and WHEN is brilliant. It turns what is an onerous exercise in data mining, if you don't care about WHERE, and are instead constrained by HOW MUCH, and makes it a delightful experience. Tacking on quality lodging is smart. Going forward I'll be looking for an AirBnB integration, restaurants as a standalone category, and, what would be cool to see from a nerdy, product perspective is the analytics - where do people want to go and what do they want to do? Obviously use that to drive partnerships/strategy etc, but y'know, I want to know where to buy/build a second house I can rent out, heh. Anyway, I see this as a part of a broader trend in travel. The world is a big place, and people on either end of the bell curve have realized they'll go pretty much anywhere and not just the same old spots. Travel is exploratory, travel tech should be too.
Thanks @shloky - great to hear your thoughts - we definitely feel the same. Traditional travel companies all like to ask us ‘where do you want to go?’. But with so many great places to go, we think a much more relevant question is ‘how much do you want to spend?’ So we decided to develop a search based on budget, not location. 'Travel is exploratory, travel tech should be too' - I really like this, it's definitely what we're going for!
thanks for the nice comments @shloky. "Not just the same old spots" was definitely a big part of our mentality when we were making this, we really wanted to build something that encourages exploration and adventure
Nice, similar to but doesn’t have automatic touring
@burns_tiff @alexmakes this is now one of my new fave make-life-easier tools! <3 (and it's so pretty :P , ace UI/UX)
@gise11e thanks! Glad you're enjoying it 👍✈️🌎