Lucky: Professor Green

A rare insight into one of the most exciting musicians

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I recently watched a documentary with @professorgreen - and I've not watched a lot of him before. This documentary followed him while he went back to his family neighbourhood in Hackney, London and tried to find out more details around why his father committed suicide. Now it's obviously a very sensitive subject but I really appreciated that viewers were able to see everything going on. Suicide needs to be addressed and this is a step in the right direction I think. I've not read the book but as Prof Green is known for his tough upbringing so for him to open up in a book like this is really awesome. His music isn't to everyones tastes but there are a lot who do, here is a couple of his big hits (both v different styles):
@bentossell I watched the documentary as well Ben, completely agree - hopefully it will have done some real good and get some people who watched it to open up and speak to someone. It's certainly not often you see someone in his position be that genuine and open about their emotions on television. Fan of his music, and he lives right round the corner from me - small world.