Lucis 3.0

Introducing a new series of powerful portable mood lamps

Lucis 3.0 Simple & Twist Moodlamp and portable power launching soon! A whole new experience of interacting with the lamp. The new lamp comes with features like the powerbank-function; charge your mobile device by USB or even charge it wirelessly! Prices start at $39. Available now on Indiegogo!

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So is this just a nicely designed table piece? None of the pictures show how this lamp alters the mood of the ambient. It doesn't look like it provides enough light to do so. What is a mood lamp?
@tostartafire It is a portable mood lamp; you can take the lamp anywhere to brighten the atmosphere and create a nice ambiance. The lamps are also able to charge your phone wirelessly. Please visit our website if you want to learn more (:

it's also pretty expensive


to impress others, other uses might apply "green light on when studying" mental cues


large, clearly not a must have, gimmick

I’ve never been in a situation where I’ve thought “I really want to take that table lamp with me when i go....” How Did you validate this need before going ahead with the project?
@mickc79 We wanted to create a lamp that you could use in any situation without the restriction of cables or wires. A portable lamp in the essence of the word that can be used to share both power and light, whether it is at a quiet dinner, a party or a nice evening at the beach. We added several mechanics to further enhance the portability and adventurous aspects of the concept, one of these mechanics; wireless phone charging, gives the lamp an edge that both mood-setters and tech-lovers around the world can enjoy. We then top it off with a range of accessories to further boost the lamp's adaptability into any setting or enviroment to create our special portable mood lamp. We hope to have peeked your interest; if you would like to learn more I invite you to visit our website to keep up with the latest updates. Thanks for the question and we look forward to hearing your feedback.
i think these products are just wonderful, up to 88 hrs of light, cordless, can use a powerbank to add more time, perfect for all of the time, will save you money on electricity as well as great when there is no electric power.