Lucis 2.0

World's most powerful, portable mood lamp

LUCIS 2.0 is a wireless and touch-activated Mood Light which is unique due it its stylish design, its sustainability and its power. After a successful campaign at Indiegogo we are back with a new lamp which is even better, more beautiful, stronger and most importantly, more sustainable: MEET LUCIS 2.0!

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8 Reviews5.0/5
Hey Lucis! Again, what a great design! I own the first edition of Lucis and I love it. Can't wait to own the Lucis 2.0 Bamboo version.
@bob_vanhouten Indemand on indiegogo and ready to ship
Hi Everybody, My name is Lardy, one of the makers of LUCIS LAMP 2.0, world's most powerful and sustainable wireless lamp. It is very exciting to be on Producthunt since today! If you have any questions or other requests regarding our Lucis Lamp please let us know and we will answer you right away. Lardy - Co Founder
This looks awesome.
Love the design! And the concept got me thinking about one of those mood rings from a while ago that changed colors based on body temperature =)

I love this take it everywhere i have the older model will be buying this one soon for sure thanks.


design and colors its a perfect glow


I need the new version