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"Art Wars: Attack of the Clones" Since the success of Prisma I've seen so many similar apps - turning your pictures into art. I'm not so sure how big this space is for competition and feel like the app with the bigger bang will win. Prisma has over 1Billion photos processed already - I think it's going to be hard for the competition to go up against them without something magical up their sleeves. Recently we saw Artisto which turns your videos into artwork (something Prisma is working on also).
@bentossell Good hunt! I wonder how many of these apps will still be active beginning of next year.
@bentossell Hi guys thanks a lot for the feedback. Our product was out in March, but we kept is as a beta, so because of that now we'll have to play catch up. Still, I believe that there are many innovations to be done in that space and getting a lot of users is just the first step. We hope you stay tuned!
@georgi_stoyan0v yeah users isnt everything for sure! What have you got in the pipeline that we can get excited for? :)
@bentossell I would hint videos - it's true that Prisma is also working on that, but we have some special approach. Quality is super important for us as well, so you would hopefully see a lot of improvements in that direction as well :)
@bentossell Prisma is actually a watered down version, to reduce computing power. @Alexabian this is just the beginning. This is going to be bigger than photoshop.
Looks amazing - will definitely download and try it out as a Designer! :) Question: Is it based on a kCIFilterCategory-filter provided by CIFilter or on the GPUImage-framework?
@julian_praest It is actually using state of the art machine learning algorithms to copy the style from different paintings. Let us know what you think, once you try it out!
2 areas that can beat Prisma - Faster processing. Think instant vs Prisma 5-10 seconds - Affordable print ordering
@wuss Hi Noah, we think that we can improve those things as well! Many other improvements on the way!
@georgi_stoyan0v @wuss I think we cna take care of the affordable print ordering part / w super high quality check it out)
Compared to all other apps, the edited images actually look like art.
@das_vicky Thanks Gourav! Yes, we've been working on making images look more like art. Even bigger improvements coming on the way!
What is the added value on this app? Which one between this, Prisma, Artisto will change the art photo game?
@tsunaze Hi Pierre-Marie - we are adding a lot of style quality, UX and new features/improvements. We hope you stay tuned!