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I originally saw this idea on Twitter after that awesome Shark Tank periscope a few days ago...And I've been following what @sacca and @Mazzeo have been doing for quite a while now. They are really one of the people that inspire me to do stuff like this and become an entrepreneur. Yesterday, I had a free day from school, and nothing important to do, so why not build it, to hopefully provide some value to the people that inspire me as well as people looking for jobs. I would love any feedback anyone has, specifically on how to make this better. I'll be deploying some UI fixes soon, and I'll be adding filtering by location and category(Data entry is fun).
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Is there a site out there which curates all the open jobs from a selection of different funds companies (Lowercase, Upfront, First Round etc etc)?? That could be an awesome next step @thestefanstokic ;) Also you may need to check you can use their branding as it looks like an official site [edit] OR Just let @sacca @Mazzeo & @jacksondahl love it anyway 🙃 Great job dude
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@bentossell There is a site https://ventureloop.com/. At present, it does not display the jobs on a VC firm's profile page. But they already have that data, so it should be just a matter of making a change to a profile page of a VC firm to display related jobs.
@rahulgchaudhary the site could do with a rehaul IMO - love the simplicity @thestefanstokic has implemented
Love this kid's hustle. He sought out to do a project, and in 24 hours, with little to no sleep, banged out this. Great work man. Keep it up!
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Big fan of Stefan and his hustle! @bentossell like the idea to curate a larger site of different fund companies too.
Please consider putting the location and remote-friendliness of each listing on the page. Having to click-through to each company to find this can be tedious.