Auto-generate newsletters from Slack community content

#4 Product of the DayFebruary 07, 2020
Lowdown unleashes the valuable content locked within Slack and delivers it to your members inboxes as a weekly email newsletter, guiding them back to engage.
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14 Reviews4.6/5
This could be very useful, I’m starting to drown in Slack communities
@armstrong IKR? Welcome to my world. Would you want control over which channels you receive updates from or are you happy to go with what the community surfaces?
@shylands I think I'd be happy with a general summary of what's going on in the Slack workspaces I’m a part of. May want more fine-grained control down the line, but not at first
@armstrong Cool, we really need a way for community members like yourself to recommend Lowdown to the Slack's they are in!
👋 Hi Product Hunt! Last year I started a Slack community which grew to over 800 members, but I noticed that many of the people who joined didn’t engage and eventually disappeared. I desperately wanted a way to re-engage with these members so I could remind them of the valuable content my community offered. If I could do that they’d know what they missed and could return to get involved. That’s when we had the idea to highlight the post's members engaged with the most in a weekly newsletter — and Lowdown was born! Here’s how it works: - Lowdown watches the Slack channels of your choice and automatically highlights the posts with the most replies and emoji reactions. You can also and post to your newsletter directly from Slack in two clicks. - Easily get subscribers by either auto-subscribing your entire membership or asking for permission via a message sent to any channel/DM by our Slackbot. - That’s it, your newsletter will send every week with absolutely no need for manual input. We’re also sharing transparent bi-weekly progress updates in our quest to achieve $10K MRR by July 2020. https://getlowdown.com/blog/ and developing a version of Lowdown specifically for tech teams using Slack. Register your interest here https://getlowdown.com/teams We’d love to hear any feedback or ideas on how we can improve Lowdown, so please tell us what you think. Cheers! 💬📰🖖
@shylands Very cool, I shared to the members of Learn Slack (https://www.learnslack.com)
@brandonuttley Cheers Brandon that's really appreciated 🙌
👋 I’m Phil, Co-founder and CTO at Lowdown. If you have any questions about Lowdown, I’d be glad to help.
200% value added to any slack community. 💯💯
Too busy to keep me eye on Slack, so this is exactly what I need! 👏