A dating CRM for the 21st century

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The team at Jackrabbit Mobile is super excited to share our latest product – LoveSpot! LoveSpot is a mobile app that allows singles to track, prioritize, and manage their dating pipeline. April 1, 2017 will go down as a historic day for our company as we begin the journey towards revolutionizing the dating scene. 😉 Stay tuned.
This is actually a good idea :)
@johnnyc115 A lot of people have been saying that... 🤔
😂 you got to be kiding! Nice April fools joke! Tinder turns up no results like a bad Eurovision joke
Just came across this new take on the world of Dating. Instead of right swiping everyone, this app sends you on Blind Dates. The industry is still open for disruption, I believe.
@jatinmamoria love this new concept, when the app is going to be out sir ?